The following VR horror Game is one of the most terrifying of all. Many do not dare to experience the strong emotions that this game brings, as it is very frightening. This virtual reality game is one of the most downloaded in recent times, and is set in the world that won the William Peter Blatty Academy Award in the terror category.

The Exorcist

The plot focuses on the supernatural, especially demonic exorcism, where you must learn how to perform a correct exorcism and discover many interesting secrets. You must fight against your fears and mysteries more hidden and dark inside you, and is something for which many are not brave.

You have different varieties of locomotion for your adventure, and you can customize it to your liking. Through this game you can see many interesting chapters of demonic history, unlock different achievements and special secrets and more. You will be able to use different tools to perform an exorcism, as well as many special artifacts that will help you in your adventure. This and many more themes are available through this game, which is suitable for you if you are a lover of exorcisms and the demonic.

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