The Rising Evil VR Horror

Android VR, Horror


If you’re one of those teenagers who likes suspense and mystery. You can not stop enjoying the new virtual reality game that Play Store has to offer. The Rising Evil VR will make you live a spooky experience with incredible high-end graphics, specifically 3D.

Rising Evil VR

With them you can achieve a total immersion in an atmosphere of terror full of shadows, apparitions and bloodstains that disappear. It all started after a strange accident, when you wake up in a completely dark room. A dim light comes on and you realise that you’re not as alone as you look, something evil is with you in the room. Your only option to stay alive is to find a way out.  In The Rising Evil VR Horror you must run through walls full of crucifixes and escape those entities that want to possess you. Dare to live this terrifying adventure and live what you could feel being in a real scary movie.

All you have to do is download this VR application to your smartphone. Or, if you want a more enjoyable experience, you have the option of 3D Cardboard Virtual Reality. It also supports bluetooth gamepad, Homido, Freefly, VR Box, Virtual Vizor.  So, whatever it is, you can’t help but feel the adrenaline, The Rising Evil VR Horror has to offer.

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