Titans of Space® Cardboard VR

Titans of Space Cardboard VR

Adventure, Android VR, Educational


Titans of Space Cardboard VR is a game through which you can experience a surprising journey on rails through the planets of the solar system, moons and some of their stars in virtual reality, accompanied by an extraordinary soundtrack. And if that were not enough 50 minutes of narration / voiceover that can be purchased as a complement, to further maximize your connection to the game.

To play Titans of Space Cardboard VR, you will need a smartphone with an android operating system and a Google Cardboard or the VR viewer of your choice.  Just to give you a rough idea of what to expect with Titans of Space Cardboard VR, we tell you that this gaming experience runs at 50-60 FPS and has minimal background activity, making the experience truly immersive and also charged with thrilling emotion. Exploring space in VR will become your favorite activity..

Titans of Space Cardboard VR introduces you to the wonders of the solar system, The game includes a dashboard in its cockpit through which you can perform the following actions: See the environment, zoom in on every detail, read the informative texts in most stops of the stellar route and turn around the stars.

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