Trail World VR Virtual Reality

Android VR, Roller Coaster


Do you want to know the city of secrets? This is an invitation to reach it through the path you decide to take. The landscapes are more and more beautiful and full of fantasies. No doubt you will enter, after many journeys, in an extraordinary place, all your senses will be activated when you experience this adventure that virtual reality offers you.

Total immersion attractions await you, such as the roller coaster, the great VR mine. Multiple events will appear and you must overcome the difficulty they present: fly around the world piloting a plane, watch the fish and fish, they will surprise you in a 3D virtual environment, find characters on your journey, interact with them as if they were really in front of you.

You’ll have a full 360-degree view as you travel through all the scenarios. The game demands a lot of action, you can stand still and watch everything closely, then keep going. Activate events via the Cardboard symbol. You have controller / gamepad support!
You have the option to unlock areas or scenarios such as: a waterfall, the city, the Island of Heaven, a farm. Subsequent updates will activate the desert landscape the marine world, The world of snow, totally free.

Trail World VR Virtual Reality is compatible with all popular mobile VR headphones and glasses, such as: Google Cardboard, HOMiDO GO, ImmersiON-VRelia or Durovis Dive.

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