Virtual reality video games have been growing too fast in the last years, and currently more and more people are playing this VR games. Because of that, today we want you to discover Trinus VR, which it is not actually a game, but it can help you to play one. The idea of this app is that you can use it to play PC video games.

First of all you have to connect your device to your PC through this app, which integrates it directly into the game that you’re playing by using head tracking. It is how the game is streamed to your headset. It is a neat way to play VR video games without going on a expensive experience, but it is not a full VR experience. It is like a pseudo VR experience that is actually unique.

But when you are using it, things can be jumpy, so you have to be sure to use first the free demo to see if your device and system can handle it. The best of everything is that this app is totally free, so you will not pay anything. You just need to download it and start using it to play your favorites VR video games. You can find the download link on Google Play to start enjoying this wonderful VR video games world and not to be bored anymore, it is a fantastic experience so you can not lose the opportunity. You just have to go to the following link.

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