Twilight Pioneers

Twilight Pioneers

Android VR, Arcade, Strategy


This is a first-person ARPG virtual reality game from Netease. Its environment connects you with the fearsome darkness of the Dark Lord who was born to create and make all evil possible to mankind. That is his mission so he knows what are the evils of the epochs of history, to recreate them, because he is a time traveler.

Twilight Pioneers

Another character in this game is a magical being called Longxia, who tries to escape from the evil of Dark Lord, control the souls of the dragons and try to stop time, to prevent this enemy from doing further damage.  What will your objective be? The answer is: rescue Longxia, invoking dragon souls, to go after the Dark Lord through ancient times and stop his evil plans! You will be closely linked to the fantasy world where the scenes unfold. You will carry a sword to defend humanity from such terrible evils.

The design of the game takes you to a totally immersive VR experience. The movement you make to play in your swivel chair or standing in an open space makes you feel like you’re actually battling every obstacle you face, changing skills and weapons.
This game is developed in Unity for Google Daydream, using the Daydream headset and controller. With these tools, players can enjoy the gameplay of Twilight Pioneers.

Download: Twilight Pioneers

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