Voxel Fly VR

Android VR, Racing


Recently, there are a lot of people playing games as hobby, to enjoy this wonderful world or maybe not to be bored. The point is that video games have been in people’s life for so many years and now there is a new way to play, virtual reality video games, or what is the same, VR video games. It is not more than being into the game as you always wanted, and if you have a PC or a phone, today is your day because you are going to discover one of the best video games for these devices.

Voxel Fly VR

Voxel Fly VR is an endless runner where you can fly through an endless city while you avoid traffic and some obstacles to see how far you can go. This video game has leaderboards so you will compare your score with your friends’ ones and see who made it the furthest. You can get different difficulty modes too, for example, if you do not want to play with the VR headset, you can try the 2D mode.

There is a great list of features for a Google Cardboard virtual reality video game in 2019, for example, Gamepad and nVidia Shield supported, Android TV, achievements and Voxel graphics. And it is too intense so it is a nice experience for virtual reality and it is totally free to download and play. So do not wait more for download it and go to Google Play through the following link to enjoy of this world.

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