VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds

Android VR, Animals, Simulation


VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds is the virtual reality game where you can have a whole underwater experience inside the most wonderful ocean that you can explore. In this virtual reality application you can see the different fish and species that exist. Also, you can avoid the different shark attacks and see the different treasures that are on the bottom of the ocean. Explore the sea in VR.

VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds

Thanks to VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds it is no longer necessary for you to go to an aquarium so that you can enjoy the beautiful fish and marine life. Also, with this game you will be able to dive, enjoy different colored reefs, stay inside a cage to see how sharks try to attack it and appreciate different species of sea animals. Dive into the depths of the ocean and be a professional, without the need to have long and endless classes.

In this VR game you can immerse yourself and give infinities of turns in the abyss and everything at the pace you want. However, in the game you will have to be aware of the amount of oxygen that the tank has, because otherwise you will have to look for different supplements all over the place to fill the tanks. The game controls are quite simple, where you have to tilt your head to the place you want to direct and that is it.So what do you expect to play in the depths of the ocean to discover marine species? Do it in VR.

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