VR Air 360 Shooting

VR Air 360 Shooting

Android VR, Shooters


In Air 360 Shooting app the projectiles are the most extraordinary, they determine your total emotion. The action is intense from start to finish. You will feel in a very realistic way each shot made, they are virtual shots that feel your skin, the sound is precise and promotes much more realism in this Video game VR.

VR Air 360 Shooting

Air 360 Shooting has two game modes and this dual alternative feature gives you unlimited thrills. The first mode is called “Arcade Mode”, which in turn has 5 levels with extraordinary objectives that make your gaming adventure fun. All second mode is called “Survival Mode” and is more complex than the previous one. You can have access to it, after having passed three levels of the Arcade mode.

This second level of the game is total immersion. Spaces open up in front of you through which objects enter from all angles, so you can’t divert your attention from overcoming and surviving them. You can do this because you have great, high-quality mobile graphics. Every objective you lose, you’ll have to pay for it. Your mission is to shoot everything that moves in front of you.

With your VR headphones, including Google Cardboard, VR Box and 4DUD, you can use modern tactics and fight your way to victory. If you don’t use your skills, you’ll be dead in no time.

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