Flying through the air at extreme speeds can be a dream for anyone, but you can do it just by downloading the VR Air Race game. A virtual reality experience in which you can travel in the sky through your helicopter, but watch out! Don’t collide with any of the objects on the surface.

Air Race

This VR application is made with images designed through a range of high quality, which will allow you to achieve a total immersion into this world. In fact, to make the experience more pleasant, its creators recommend using special Google Cardboard virtual reality helmets, such as FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Carl Zeiss VR.

It complements with 3D headphones, emulators that will give you the opportunity to have a 360° vision and a fused sound that will make you participate in a totally enveloping reality. It is important to clarify that VR Air Race implements a freemium system in which you can play for free trial for a certain period.  Now, if you get hooked with this virtual reality application you can register the promotion code or buy the application. Anyway, don’t wait a second longer and enjoy the experience that only VR Air Race has to offer you.

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