VR AirPlane Flight Simulator

Without gyroscope


Are you looking for a virtual reality game about flight simulation? Then you are going to love VR Airplane Flight Simulator. This game is both a realistic and thrilling simulator that uses head tracking for flight control. You will take off for an amazing and awesome flight simulation.

VR AirPlane Flight Simulator

Ready to be a professional pilot? Jump into the fantastic world of VR Airplane Flight Simulator and begin training to become an experienced pilot. With this game, you will feel like a true pilot inside a cabin and you won’t have to move from where you are.

The controls are both easy and intuitive. This game works on phones with our without a gyroscope. To turn left-right tilt your head in the direction you need. You will feel the plane bank accordingly. It will take some practice to master your skills, and the more you practice, the more addictive the game will be for you.

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