Are you looking for a challenging virtual reality game? Then VR Aquadrome is the game for you. This game is compatible with several virtual reality headsets, so you can choose the best one for you. Keep in mind that the game is a free trial.

VR Aquadrome

During the whole trial period, you can play a few levels for free, and if you enjoy the gameplay, you can register a promotion code to unlock the best levels. As you make your way into the game, you will have to face different kinds of monsters, and the more you progress, the harder it will get.

It doesn’t present a gyro function, so you will have to tilt your head. In addition, the game offers excellent graphics and an immersive experience. You will enter a jet boat competition, and the tropical paradise you will find yourself in, it’s going to blow you away. We recommend you download VR Aquadrome, and trust us when we say that you will enjoy it.

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