VR AR Dimension

Android VR, Shooters


This new action game allows the user to be transported to a unique battle dimension. Thanks to the augmented reality and its multiplayer functionality, you can experience various types of elements that will be unlocked by exceeding each of the 30 levels available.

UY Studios has updated the game space and included better dimensions to optimize image quality during fights in its different scenarios. Face various enemies and avoid theft in the streets, parking lots, bases, among many other places. Try incredible armaments and unlock new characters increasingly resistant to demanding levels. Thanks to the gyroscope, you can aim your weapon without any problem and end any type of obstacle that comes your way.

Experience the best resolutions in augmented reality graphics from different angles, shoot your enemies mercilessly and overcome the missions to become a Shoother (expert player) with the multiplayer, AR (Augmented Resolution) and VR (Virtual Reality) features of the history. Design strategies with your team to gain more gaming experience, gain incredible skills and enjoy to the fullest while ensuring the safety of each space of the game, what are you waiting for to enter the world of VR AR Dimension? Download it now!

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