If you like to visit amusement parks to feel like adrenaline and danger touch every fiber of your body, VR Blockbuster — Roller Coaster is the VR game you are looking for. In this game, you will get on the car of a virtual roller coaster in an amusement park where everything will start to be destroyed in front of your eyes! And for you to enjoy this virtual reality experience even more, the high-quality 3D graphics and sound offered by this VR game will further emerge on this exciting virtual roller coaster.

VR Blockbuster

This is an application of Fibrum Plataform VR. In VR Blockbuster — Roller Coaster you will have a 360-degree 3D view while feeling the terror of catastrophic explosions and destruction.In this VR game you will enjoy bright and colorful models and characters that will make you feel inside a real amusement park!

This VR game requires headsets VR.You can play for free during the trial period. If the sensation of adrenaline and danger of this virtual experience catches you in its 3D world, you can register a promotion code or buy the application to use it unlimitedly, by registering on the Fibrum VR Platform. So don’t be afraid and join this exciting adventure!

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