We invite you to climb on rock with VR Climb, a great virtual reality game that puts you on the edge of a cliff, imagine the feeling of being about to fall, the vertigo is indescribable. That of going to climb a rock in a real extreme adventure, will not be necessary if you play vr climb, the best climbing game VR on rocks.

VR Climb

From your VR headset, you’ll be able to feel all that action and reach the various peaks or summits of very high mountains that in reality you could never climb without difficulty. They are natural areas of high risk cliffs, islands, mountains, very slippery limestone.

You’ll use the AI Climbing Algorithm, through which you’ll perform real hand movements to simulate movements such as climbing, grabbing, and hanging, so you can move around the cliff with agility and freedom. You’ll use a VR gaze pointer – cursor to aim and grab an anti-fall climbing retaining device.

The graphic effects on the game are of high quality, so the game guarantees total immersion in the natural landscape that opens before your eyes. You will have a finger strength indicator in each hand, to know how to control your resistance in each retention. Be careful not to hang from one hand for a long time, because you will lose strength in your fingers and fall.

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