R DEAD TARGET Zombie Intensified

VR DEAD TARGET: Zombie Intensified

Android VR, Shooters


It is a spectacular VR first person shooters. The idea throughout the video game is to find the perfect keys to survival. This game is contextualized in the future, in the year 2040, at which time the entire city is extremely infected with the zombie virus.

R DEAD TARGET Zombie Intensified

You can kill zombies with incredible epic weapons. You will support yourself with the help of Agent M. These zombies are too powerful and it will cost you to keep them under control to achieve your goal of returning peace to the few surviving inhabitants after the Apocalypse operation created by the traitor CS Corporation. These zombies have the property of becoming increasingly bold and large, they come in many forms, with different killing abilities. As they appear in waves of unstoppable zombies, you must upgrade your weapons and equipment; rifle, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher, is really a zombie VR game that will blow your mind.

The gaming experience is very real thanks to its 3D graphics and realistic lighting. Every zombie you can kill with accurate direct shots to the head, you will feel it as if it were real, because weapons have different sound effects. You will have to think like a real sniper to shoot, think your shot well before doing it, the important thing is not to allow them to escape. It is definitely the best in terms of VR shooters.

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