VR Diving - Deep Sea Discovery

VR Diving – Deep Sea Discovery (Google Cardboard)

Adventure, Android VR, Sports


VR Diving – Deep Sea Discovery is a fascinating virtual reality game that gives you the great opportunity to go to the bottom of the sea in the middle of the vast ocean of Atlantis and enjoy all the wonders of the underwater world. Everything you’ve seen in movies and are passionate about, you can live it in this virtual reality game of total immersion.

VR Diving - Deep Sea Discovery

Feeling like you’re diving and encountering sea creatures in their colorful habitat and fabulous shapes. The underwater world is a total mystery to those of us who aren’t divers, but with this game, it’s no longer a diver. What do you need to achieve that? Only Google Cardboard or any other vr headset

You’ll find ancient objects that have been left at the bottom of the sea due to shipwrecks and other civilizations also many hidden treasures. You can have access to this exciting adventure even if you don’t have an Android device, as the developers of this game have created an option that doesn’t require the use of gyroscope.

What objectively impresses is that the color and movement of the sea give a sense of reality that is complemented by the sound of this habitat and the species that are in the depths. If you are a fan of VR games you should not miss the dynamics offered by this action game.

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