Who doesn’t love puppies? Who wouldn’t love to have a virtual puppy? Technically it’s much less expensive and you wouldn’t have to clean so much, or you might even have your little friend if you live in a place where you’re not allowed pets.

VR Dogs Free

Thanks to VR Dogs Free you can adopt the most adorable puppy and enjoy a walk full of peace and relaxation in a mountain. You’ll have a great virtual reality experience with an adorable friend who behaves in the same way as a real puppy. It’s so real that your puppy eats, sleeps and drinks in such an adorable way that he almost looks like a real puppy.

Using the headphones you just need to press the button to interact with your dog or to use objects in your environment and if you don’t have headphones you don’t have to worry, the game also has a normal mode for you to enjoy the experience with a puppy. Bonding with your puppy is one of those few things that will make you instantly happy, and what better way to take care of and play with your virtual pet than in a relaxing, peaceful mountain environment. Puppies in VR are even more adorable.

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