With VR Fantasy, an really excellent virtual reality game you can enter in the oldest and ugliest dungeons that has an old magical fortress, your goal will be to solve all the puzzles and riddles to try to get safely to the exit. With the virtual reality that the Cardboard glasses from Google (or similar) will offer you enjoy a totally first person experience.

VR Fantasy

In VR fantasy you will have to take your sword and explore each of the corners of the dungeons, you will have to destroy the walls, open the doors and even destroy the boxes to leave. You also will fight against the most feared enemies that have existed, you have to defeat these life-sized monsters with your sword; here you will see different enemies like: giants, carnivorous plants, spiders, but this is not all, the last and more fearsome opponent will be a great dragon.

Also, while you walk on the tracks to get the exit, you can go picking incredible weapons to fight with your enemies, you can find and equip with weapons like axes, swords and even a magic stick that will allow you to throw balls of fire, all an arsenal that you will have up your sleeve. The best thing about this game, is that the designers are constantly doing content updates so that users always have great surprises in the game.

Finally, VR Fantasy integrates virtual reality very well so that the little movement you need guarantees a total immersion in the game.

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