VR Flight Air Plane Racer

Without gyroscope


Do you love airplanes? Then you must try this wonderful virtual reality game. VR Flight Air Plane Racer was designed for those who love controlling airplanes. This game is a realistic and thrilling simulator that uses head tracking for flight control.

VR Flight Air Plane Racer

You will experience sensational and immersive flight simulations. From flying across some of the most beautiful landscapes to skimming the cliff edges, just with your phone. Are you ready to become a professional pilot? Jump into the world of Virtual Reality Flight and the skies.

This game works on phones with or without a gyroscope, and you won’t have a hard time controlling the plains. The combination of virtual reality and graphics makes this game one of the best ones out there. We invite you to try the game if you love being a pilot. It will help you overcome your fear of flying in case you have it.

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