VR Flight Airplane Pilot Simulator

Without gyroscope


Ready to become a professional pilot? With VR Flight Airplane Pilot Simulator you will be the pilot you have always wanted to be. This virtual reality game is designed to help you improve your abilities with planes, and you will be able to fly your plane above a dense population city environment.

VR Flight Airplane Pilot Simulator

With this game, you will gain a feeling of empowerment. The mix of virtual reality, pixel-perfect graphics, and realistic, flight slim model, is going to make you feel like you are truly operating a plane above a crowded city. Would you like to be the next hero in the skies?

The game doesn’t offer the gyro function, but you can still have smooth gameplay. Additionally, you can select the level you want to start with. If you just want to have fun you can select the easy mode, and while you progress, you can select a harder mode to have a real challenge.

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