VR flight: Airplane Pilot

Action, Android VR


Thanks to virtual reality, Rabbit Mountain has designed the best flight simulation game on the Google Play platform. Discover the sky immersed in a 360º angle while passing different missions that will test your flying skills.

To play you can use the gyroscope or the joystick on your screen, with which you can go in any direction, make maneuvers in a dive or ascent, while your flight controls warn you of any nearby danger. You can move through a huge flight area and locate yourself with a map of infinite dimensions, with which to visit any city will be an adventure to know.

Thanks to the image quality you will be able to appreciate various special effects, from the red mist to the brightness in the skyscraper windows. This application is being updated, so your comments and opinions will be of great importance to include the idea that best suits you to the new game designs. With its more than 500,000 downloads worldwide, this game promises a user experience never seen before, so don’t wait any longer and be part of the hundreds of thousands of satisfied players with this unique and amazing flight simulator, download it now and rule the skies.

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