If you like shooting games, this virtual reality game is definitely for you. To start enjoying this incredible shooting game, you must take into account that you need to have VR headset and a Gamepad, and that your device must have a gyro sensor.


You have a wide variety of weapons to choose from, plus you have aim and grid methods at your disposal, allowing you to be more precise when shooting your enemies in this immersive FPS shooter.

Probably the graphics of this game don’t seem so realistic, but the main objective is that you have fun, you won’t stop feeling the adrenaline of chasing your opponents while you shoot in VR.

You can also choose the map in which you want to live your shooting adventure, the game gives you different places to unwrap and make your experience more fun. As long as you have all the necessary equipment, you’ll be able to play whenever and wherever you want. Playing in an open field where you can run and hide could give you a more fun and real experience, as if you were really inside one of the game’s maps. Don’t miss this great VR shooter game.

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