VR Galaxy Spaceship Wars

VR Galaxy Spaceship Wars

Android VR, Shooters, Simulation


Get ready for a completely exciting spatial experience thanks to virtual reality. You’ll never get bored because you have an infinite number of games, all different from each other, so you’ll live a space adventure with lots of adrenaline and fun.

VR Galaxy Spaceship Wars

If your dream was always to participate in a space war. With VR Galaxy Spaceship Wars you can do this thanks to its 360-degree environment that makes you feel like you’re really flying in space and fighting enemy ships.  Don’t forget that in addition to shooting you need to watch your back from attacks by your enemies.

You have to save the whole galaxy from the evil attacks of enemy ships. This game is the dream of anyone who loves space wars, as you can feel like an intergalactic hero. You will be able to see different robots, incredible ships, you will even meet some aliens in this way to save the galaxy.

You can manifest your passion for intergalactic combat, defeating all invaders who want to end the tranquility of everything around you.  As ruler of the galaxy, your job is to keep them all safe and eliminate all the dangers that present themselves.

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