VR Haunted House 3D

Android VR, Horror, Zombies


Have you ever experienced how chilling it is to be inside a house full of ghosts, zombies and strange creatures? Then the virtual reality game Haunted House 3D can give you all that terrifying experience that you can live in a place full of paranormal things.

VR Haunted House 3D

VR Haunted House 3D is the third dimension game that allows players to live all the terrifying experience offered by houses full of paranormal activities. In these abandoned places always happen various strange events and only a hero like you can manage to enter this site bravely and to end with those afterlife events.

The mission that all players have will be to defend the house, however, a mysterious and complicated mission will wait for you when you are inside the haunted house. This virtual horror reality game is quite simple to use, because the participant does not need any kind of control to protect the house from paranormal activities. The player should only look where he wants to go and that’s it, it’ll be as if you were walking inside a real haunted house.

Also, when there is some strange activity, the pointer, which is in the center of the screen, will trigger automatically in the zombies, that is, the player should only point and shoot before you reach it. You can download it for free through Google Play, so go download it and tell everyone what an amazing VR horror game you have found, do not lose more time.

Download VR Haunted House 3D

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