VR Heights Phobia – Google Cardboard

Android VR, Simulation


Have you ever imagined yourself walking on a tightrope thousands of meters from the ground, feeling the adrenaline that you can fall at any time. Or are you one of those who give him phobia of heights? If you identify with either of these two cases Google Cardboard brings a virtual reality game ideal for you.

VR Heights Phobia - Google Cardboard

The VR Heights Phobia – Google Cardboard game will make you relive that fear by hanging on top of a building. With high-definition graphics and an atmosphere of excitement, feel up close the fear that you could fall at any moment. You’ll have three different levels to face the challenge and vertigo, after that you’ll surely not be afraid of anything.

A completely realistic game in which you must walk on very narrow floors and cliffs to the sides. Quiet! It’s normal if you feel a little dizzy at the start of the challenge but then you’ll get used to the adrenaline rush. So don’t waste any more time and download this application to your smartphone once and for all.  Try it out with all your friends and find out who’s the most fearful of the group when it comes to heights. For a better feeling you can connect the VR glasses.

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