VR Immortals fight

VR Immortals Fight

Action, Android VR


This is a virtual reality game with remote connection, the action in this game is intense in which you will have the chance to experience a strange fight showing your fury and skills in the fight, with immortal and ferocious beings who have unique skills, which you will have to defend yourself, is the risk of losing your life to a single oversight or failure.

A fighting game turned into a virtual reality experience will make you feel a kind of adrenaline that you’ve never tried before, so don’t hesitate to play VR Immortals fight right now.

This game is ideal to play it with a VR headset, this will allow you to spin your head in several directions up, down, right left, likewise they are essential for the device to develop a powerful performance in front of great 3D graphics. And to experience all this excitement and that your adrenaline rises to high levels don’t forget to use good headphones.

The stages that you will be living in the game have a unique format and fight scenes. This game is special for people who are attracted to violence, ferocity and blood at the time of fighting.

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