VR Karts Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint

Android VR, Racing


This VR Car Race game is suitable for users over 10 years of age, and currently has more than 50,000 downloads. Like any car racing game, VR Karts: Sprint guarantees an experience with lots of adrenaline and speed. In addition to this, the virtual reality technology is the most important part of this wonderful game, because through it, the player will have the opportunity to drive in a different way than the others from the driver’s seat, while competing against other rivals on the track, which can be customized by the player.

VR Karts: Sprint

The tracks are incredible, and the racer has the opportunity to use weapons to have a greater advantage over the rest of the players. The player can pick up accelerators as he moves around the circuit, which will help him reach the finish line faster and take advantage. This game is very fun and perfect to distract a while, in addition to being accessible and at the same time very competitive.

Among its game modes we can find the “Single Player Career Mode”, the “Championship Trophy Mode” and also the “Online Multiplayer Mode”. Each of these modes will provide you with unlimited fun that will be reinforced thanks to the advantages of VR.

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