Minecraft game in virtual reality for Android.



If you make a study of which game has the most fans worldwide, Minecraft should be among the top 3. After its launch in 2011, this game has won millions of fans of different ages. There are many platforms that are compatible with this game such as Windows, Linux iOS, etc.. Another of the OS that has joined this list is Android, because it is the most used operating system in Smartphones worldwide and could not stay without presenting this game to its users.

Virtual reality versions of Minecraft have been created for Android mobiles, these new versions have brought with them some variants, which causes hard fans long hours playing it.

What are the Minecraft VR games versions for Android?

Multicraft Miner Exploration: This is one of the most featured VR games, which contains an open world style. It can be played in two different modes, the story mode and survival, in these two you must fight against rivals who want to take over the place.

Mineforge VR: In this game you can use the Google Cardboard viewer, to enjoy a wide view of the preparation of the ground for sowing and harvesting crops.

VR Craft: This is the third game in the Minecraft version that can be seen in virtual reality. It can be used with viewers such as DayDream, with the vision you get can be built the most beautiful structures using the blocks without limits provided by the game.

VR Minecraft videos: The purpose of this VR application is to educate and inform users with Minecraft guides, which contain tips, survival techniques and videos on the production of objects and animals.

– MineVR: This is an open-world style construction game that provides a character that can be managed to collect the resources and tools available to create shelters.

Roblox: This last one is a variant of Minecraft very entertaining, because it has been created with a style of adventure, besides it offers a very good quality.

Versions created for official developers:

There has also been the release of versions of Minecraft exclusively for developers, among them we have:

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE): This is the first version that is available for smartphones and tablets, the most recent versions are compatible with the Samsung Gear virtual reality viewer.

Minecraft console edition: This version was released for the purpose of being played on gamer consoles such as Nintendo, Play Station, etc.

Minecraft Education Edition: This is a fairly educational edition of Minecraft to develop the creativity of beginners.

Minecraft Story Mode: Being a story mode variant you can play Point and Click, which must win the game by defeating the enemy character Jess, Winter Storm.

It should be remembered that these games are versions of Minecraft, but that they can be played in virtual reality mode. Before downloading it any, you should check if the name Minecraft is well written, because there are fake games around the web.

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