If you thought that the trips to the moon were distant feats of American astronauts or old science fiction stories written by Jules Verne that is over!  With this 3D VR game you will make an emollient trip to the moon without leaving home.

VR Moon Walk 3D

Use your vr glasses and magnetic sensor to explore and examine the lunar environment. If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S8+ and you must enable the resolution WQHD+ to enjoy better using the application. You can play using the game Gamepad or Bluetooth. It’s that easy to be a great lunar astronaut today with this great vr game.

This virtual reality experience is very simple and fun to play, as it is as if you were traveling to the moon!  You just have to walk where you want to go to meet the moon.  The 3D graphics of this vr game will give you an incredible visit to the satellite of our planet.  The application is completely free and is available for Android, so if you like to leave the planet where we live for a moment, We know you will love taking a ride on VR Moon Walk 3D!

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