Virtual reality technology brings you a fun adventure in which you’ll be a private detective and you’ll have to take a job you don’t want because you need the money. Will you cross the line just to fulfill all the wishes of your customers?  Your name will be Verónica Coltrane, and you must fulfill the tasks that will be imposed on you to culminate this virtual reality experience in which you will feel completely immersed in the environment of the game.

VR Noir

VR Noir represents the advances that have been presented about the cinematographic narration and also the immersive game, due to its technological advances you will only be able to play it if you have your virtual reality headphones, so that the experience is as real as the creators want you to live it.

Much is said about the examples that confirm that virtual reality will change television and VR Noir is one of the clear examples of the advancement of virtual reality technology. Do not miss this experience and download this application with which you will feel like a real detective and you will have to solve all the situations that arise during all the scenes that the game gives you, you will not regret playing it.

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