VR Roller Coaster 360

Android VR, Roller Coaster


The ultimate VR Roller Coaster 360 is one of the most popular virtual reality video games, also known as VR games. As new features, now it has 3D rides steel runner, fantasy and alien music. Also has a new mode, the Tycoon Mode. These new features have many roller-coaster rides and you can dash over the rollercoaster track in virtual reality or touch mode.

VR Roller Coaster 360

This game is compatible with Android smartphones and the use of Google Cardboard, this is to support cheap and high-end devices. Its known compatibility includes Stooksy, VRTX One, VR KiX, Merge VR, Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D, VR Smartview, ANTVR, ColorCross, FIBRUM VR, VRTRIA, VR View-Master and Nibiru.

Has as a rating of 4 stars, which means that it’s pretty good as an app and that users like it a lot, and almost everyone says it feels really realistic and that it is one of the best VR app around there. There are more than 30.000 people who have downloaded this incredible game, so do not be part of those few who have not felt the adrenaline you can feel when playing.

If you like virtual reality video games and apps and specifically thrilling VR Roller Coaster rides, this is undoubtedly a must download for you, so go to the Google Play and start to play this wonderful VR game. If you download this game now, you will have your own attraction park in your pocket whenever you want to play it.

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