VR Roller Coaster Multiplayer

Action, Roller Coaster


With over 100,000 downloads on Play Store, VR Roller Coaster Multiplayer, it’s a game that promises beyond virtual reality. Created and marketed by ARLOOPA INC for the Android operating system brings with it the VR interactive experience of a ride on the crazy roller coaster. Through a realistic environment that will stimulate all your senses you will be able to travel in an automatic wagon through the biggest and funniest roller coaster you have ever known.

VR Roller Coaster Multiplayer

Explore amazing landscapes in multi-player mode and control the direction of the wagon with the movements of your head. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins in this incredible realistic virtual reality game, enter mysterious caves and discover the surprises hidden in them. Experience the changes in weather as you move from season to season, be careful as snow mountains can be very slippery.

Thanks to the inclusion of multi-player mode you will be able to interact via live voice chat with your game partner throughout the entire journey, share your experiences and enjoy the wonderful world of VR technology that only the Android operating system brings to you at no cost in advance to download this amazing VR game.

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