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VR Space City Wars

Are you a fan of space? Then you definitely need to give VR Space City Wars a try. This fantastic virtual reality game makes you play as a spaceship pilot, and you will have to shoot your way to the top.

VR Space City Wars

Don’t get too cocky though. The enemies are highly intelligent and they will elaborate strategies to take you down whenever you aren’t looking. Set up your ship with spectacular guns and select fight modules with buildings and asteroids while you plan to save humanity.

This epic game will test your skills, abilities, and your capacity to elaborate strategies to defeat your opponents. The game doesn’t include the gyro function. Nonetheless, we invite you to try it because you will have the best time while playing it. Also, with the infinite mode, you will experience more advanced gameplay in real-time. All you need to do is select the mode you want to play.

Download: VR Space City Wars

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