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VR Thrills: Bubble Shooter – Cardboard VR Games

Android VR, Arcade


Brightly colored figures have always been a great attraction for those who love colorful video games. We bring you a virtual reality game called VR Bubble Shooter, you’ll find yourself in a world with a 360-degree view in which you’ll see fun shapes of magical colors that are floating in space. Your goal is to destroy all those shapes that are the same color as the pointer, so if this becomes yellow, you must destroy yellow figures, if you can not destroy a figure of that color before time runs out, you will lose a heart. With each destroyed figure will increase your score.

VR Thrills Bubble Shooter - Cardboard VR Games

This fun game presents two modes, the first is virtual reality and the second is touch mode, if you do not have virutal reality headset, you can play without any problem with the touch mode. It’s a fun virtual reality adventure where you can develop your shooting skills, play against the clock, work on speed and game strategy.

You’ll find a magical environment crapped with exceptional graphics, a music that will enhance your experience during the game, although it’s designed to be played with virtual reality technology, you can enjoy this application without the headphones.

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