VR Tunnel Race Free

VR Tunnel Race Free (2 modes)

Android VR, Arcade, Racing


This has earned the rating of the best VR RPG or the “best racing game” of virtual reality without a doubt. In fact, provides a formidable gaming experience, you’ll slide through time and space in a tunnel vision.

VR Tunnel Race Free (2 modes)

You are an astronomer who after a time traveling in space, has suddenly been trapped in a very strange and multicolored tunnel. The adventure is that you will feel that you have entered a black hole, in which your mind is distorted, when instead of seeing darkness you find an intense light that generates an explosion of color and you will try to get out of it at full speed. You will be trapped in a very narrow environment, which generates despair, you need to leave immediately.

In this virtual reality game there’s only one way out, but you’re not sure where or how to find it, uncertainty and panic increase as you climb into a nearby spaceship. You’ll feel like you’re on a VR roller coaster where vertigo is present. Your mission is to glide through time tilting your Gear VR when the vr mode is on, so you will have intense emotions. You’ll need a lot of concentration to get off the roller coaster in VR Tunnel Race Free.

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