VR Zombie Town 3D

Android VR, Shooters, Zombies


Survive in this abandoned city where the living are not welcome, find the alpha zombie and kill him before he does it first with you. Thanks to the automatic pointer feature, you will only have to focus on a zombie and the shot will be done alone.

Use magnetism functions when you want to stop and explore the environment, you can find important wild cards to follow in the game. Serkan Culfa, has increased the image resolution by integrating the augmented reality option, with which you can perceive in real time the entire gaming experience and prevent the zombies from attacking you.

You can move to any direction thanks to the integrated gyroscope function and arrows on the screen. Throughout the game you will encounter different types of zombies, and you must discover how to defeat them, be astute and measure your shots well if you want to save your bullets. Version 1.0.13 has a download weight of 98.64 MB so you must be connected to an internet source good enough to ensure adequate fluidity in its interface. Another of its features is through the Bluetooth controller, with which you can transfer the screen to much larger dimensions on an external compatible device.

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