Walk The Plank VR

Android VR, Simulation


Go for your virtual reality headsets and get ready for this incredible adventure full of pure emotion and adrenaline jumping between buildings and boards.

Walk The Plank VR1

You don’t need to have a gyro sensor on your device, but you’ll need vr glasses to play. If you like virtual reality games, this is an incredible option where you can tour the city in a different way, you will do it walking, jumping and running over all the buildings in the city. If you love the heights this virtual reality experience is what you need to kill your boredom, no doubt you’ll have fun with everything you can do inside the game.

This game has many advantages as it is quite easy to play, you have a fairly realistic walk so you will feel as if you really were in there. And one of the best things is that it’s compatible with any of the virtual reality headsets you have. So enjoy this great experience where you will live a lot of adrenaline with every move you make, be careful not to fall so much in the game as in real life, so you must find the right space.

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