The magic of virtual Reality gives you all the possibilities of entering totally unreal worlds. It makes it possible for your ingenuity and imagination to be constantly put to the test and each time it creates games that demand more and more of you. This is the case of Wander. A VR game that you can enjoy lying on your couch comfortably.  Find the perfect space for your recreation and give yourself this fantastic experience with Wander. Do you know what it means to be able to teleport to almost any place of the Indus you want? This is great! And you can, without leaving your living room. Wander the world, this is your chance!

Wander for Gear VR

If you want to cross the London Bridge, or if you are more daring and want to go for a walk in the gardens of the Taj Mahal, you can do it without any problem. Imagination is made for it, to play to cross borders! You can go for a walk with your handheld camera and appropriate attire, through the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Don’t you think that’s fantastic? Really the places to go to then with unlimited exploration

This game has voice recognition for search. Best of all, as you have fun you’ll learn a little about the places you visit with the integrated support of Wikipedia. You’ll have the option to witness changes in places over the years. And you’ll have multiple navigation modes, making the possibilities of this game inexhaustible.  An important note is that this game is not an official Google product, however it uses data from Google StreetView.

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