Waterfall Hunting VR Cardboard

Adventure, Android VR, Animals


You’ve probably seen the practice of hunting in movies and series, but you’ve never had the chance to do it yourself. But to solve it comes Waterfall Hunting, a virtual reality game created for fully enjoy virtual reality where you must hunt as many animals as possible in a span of two minutes.

Waterfall Hunting VR

Go to your prey, aim and shoot right at the target. Be part of this experience that is also being recreated at the beautiful Trchkan Waterfall, Armenia. In other words, being developed in a real environment through photorealism will not only be playing, but you can also get to know a new place without leaving your home.

Travel, explore and feel the adrenaline of capturing animals through headphones and virtual reality glasses compatible with Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Homido, Baofeng and Mojing. All this experience will be accompanied by real sounds that will allow you to enjoy the concept of mixed reality that Waterfall Hunting VR Cardboard recreates. You can enjoy the game just by downloading the application. It should be noted that its creators have worked in collaboration with Dreamshots so the images used are much more realistic than in other games.

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