Whispering Eons

Whispering Eons

Android VR, Puzzles


Whispering Eons is a virtual reality game that is specially designed for Google Cardboard type screens, but you currently have the option to play in third dimension (3D) mode, if the person has a Cardboard. In this game you do not need any type of control but you can use one if it you want to.

Whispering Eons

This game is inspired by classics adventures, just point and click, but it has a high-quality virtual reality interaction system. Where not only you will play, but you will be part of the game. This game is characterized by having different types of puzzles and riddles that are envelopes in each of the scenes, which can not be misadjusted. It has incredible cinematic scenes, in addition, it has a great ambient sound quality that makes you feel part of the game.

This game was released after the great success of the Alien demo Apartment Cardboard VR. For this reason, the company Mick Software created this game. On the other hand, we will leave you three tips that you should know when playing Whispering Eons:

  1. For you to have a really good experience, we recommend you to play in virtual reality mode (VR)
  2. If you do not have VR mode, also use hearing aids to increase your experience in the game and too have a real feeling.
  3. Puzzles and riddles are on a medium to difficult scale, so it is possible that you can not solve them in the first moment you play.

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