Feel the adrenaline of going at full speed in free fall with a suit of wings, you can live this experience in different scenarios such as canyons, areas with trees, you could even slide on the lakes of the mountains in WingSuit VR, a game that will make you addicted to adrenaline..

WingSuit VR
Thanks to 3D and virtual reality technology, you’ll experience an incredible flight you’ll never forget. This game not only gives you the opportunity to play in virtual reality mode, if you are in a space where you can not move too much, you can also play it in normal mode without any problem, just the same you will have fun. Who doesn’t like to celebrate their achievements? We know that everyone loves it, so from the game you can share them in your Facebook account.

To play in virtual reality mode, you’ll need your VR glasses, plus you need to make sure your device has a gyro sensor, otherwise you won’t be able to play in normal mode either. Complete missions, get bonuses, take full control of your flight. This is a great and fun experience full of a lot of adrenaline. Become a freefall expert with this game and have fun playing WingSuit VR.

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