This casual VR game is suitable for all ages. The plot of this wonderful virtual reality experience is that the player is transported to a magical world, where the dimensions are infinite and there is a theme park to have fun through family attractions and unique experiences.


The protagonist will be involved in laughs, spins, hits, inclinations, and many more actions as he seeks to level up, and has 6 mini-games to get tickets and play them in the roulette of fortune. Among its mini-games we can highlight the “Bistro Basher”, where the protagonist must crush with a hammer all the dishes brought by the chef of the restaurant. “Hamster Hoops” consists of playing basketball in another galaxy with space hamsters.

The next mini-game is “Tinder Town”, and consists of being a fireman and with the hose that shoots water, putting out fires in a city that is made of cardboard. Then comes “Magic Mayhem”, which consists of destroying all the icy crystals that fly by means of a magic wand, and “Tip N Tilt Racing” tries to compete in a race, against the clock, with animals that have the shape of a ball and an inclined labyrinth. The latest mini-game is “Tony Tee Golf”, and it’s basically a mini-golf with shifting obstacles and canyons.

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