This VR educational app is suitable for all ages, is compatible with the vast majority of devices on the market today and has more than 10,000 downloads to date. The game is about the protagonist having to solve a large number of riddles, which will recreate it and promote its intelligence, as well as entertain it.

World Traveler VR (Free)

The riddles are that the player will have to discover which city he is in at the moment, and all this while unwrapped in hidden object games. At each level, the player will be on a different and unknown street for him, and this location can be anywhere on earth, and he must always execute actions to discover where he is.

Virtual reality will allow the player to observe amazing graphics and sounds, as well as discover new dreamed and beautiful places hidden all over the world. From famous cities and towns all over the planet, to exotic places like forests, beaches, caves and more, the player will have the chance to take a look at the vast majority of places on this planet (and even places he would like to travel to), all by means of a funny and very catching plot.

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