XCancer – VR Game

Android VR, Educational, Simulation


The XCancer VR Game 1.4 Update offers the user a new virtual reality interface to enjoy a better angle during their journey through the entire circulatory system in the human body. The game mode is quite simple, select an organ you want to purge or clean and finally choose a nanoboot with which you will navigate through the blood of your host. Along the way you will travel with blood cells that will be activated against the presence of a foreign organism, your mission is to help prevent it from spreading uncontrollably and worsen the health of your host.


Among the features of the game we have that has a weight of 44 MB, requires Android versions 4.4 or later. Oriens of Sotware, its creator company has decided to incorporate the virtual reality version in this fantastic game to improve the user experience, in addition to incorporating the capacitive multi touch feature, which ensures a better fluidity of the team when using the game controls. Cancer in VR will make you discover a captivating world

On the other hand, it has added the option of choosing between different models of nanobots, which have new weapons and colors to face much more quickly the most resistant or evolved organisms, you will have several levels of intensity where you must demonstrate your shooting skills and win the battle against cancer.

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