The YouTube platform has been characterized as one of the most used platforms to upload and watch videos worldwide. But what would you think if we told you that you can now be part of the videos thanks to virtual reality? Yes, Youtube VR is already here.

As you well know, Google launched Google Cardboard, which are virtual reality headset that allow people to live all the experiences as if they were in the place. However, we would need a long set of videos and applications to live that VR experience to the fullest and who can offer that experience more than the YouTube platform?

The YouTube platform has been reinvented, so now it will offer the option to view any video in Google Cardboard format, regardless of whether the video has not been recorded in 360. The YouTube VR app is definitely your access to the maximum fun in optimal audio and video quality, with contents of the most varied types and updates minute by minute, and also in any language you want..

The YouTube VR application is quite simple to use, all you have to do is open any video you want, then you should click on the three points that are usually located on the upper right side and select the Cardboard option. And ready! You can watch videos with virtual reality. Do not lose this opportunity and enjoy all the videos as if you were really there, download it below.

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