Zombie Fighter Virtual Reality

Zombie Fighter Virtual Reality

Android VR, Shooters, Zombies


If you like action, adrenaline and really dangerous challenges, get ready to fight a multitude of zombies in this VR game.  The goal is to save the world from extinction, you must be very brave!

It’s a true virtual reality experience set in an abandoned city, where a secret experiment on the invasion of DNA was developed, but unfortunately it went wrong, now all its inhabitants became zombies!  The only way you have to escape is fighting them. If you like VR games with well-developed stories, you will enjoy advancing in each mission throughout this terrifying adventure.

To Play Zombie Fighter Virtual Reality you have to place your Smartphone in the virtual reality box.  Walk through the infested city and stay alert, you must shoot fast to kill the zombies before they arrive for you! Realistic graphics and sounds enhance the experience of this vr game (they may seem really creepy).  To make the fight even longer, collect medikit.  The application is free for Android, and is one of the best vr games available (it has a very good score from other users).  Dare to fight for the survival of humanity with this virtual reality experience!

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