Zombie Warfare

Android VR, Shooters, Zombies


If you excite the idea of living a zombie apocalypse like those of the classic movies and series and classics, in this VR zombie game you will feel the emotion and the danger of living in a worldwide full-time zombie!

Zombie Warfare

Put on your VR headset or glasses to tour a dangerous post-apocalyptic city where the story of this horror vr game takes place.  To survive, you will have to be very skilled with your gun, only this will save you from becoming a zombie! It requires a Gamepad to play, a button to shoot, another to move and another to see the spotlight, although you can also do it by moving the ash where you want to go.

Zombie Warfare has excellent 3D graphics and an unobstructed 360 degree view.  To play, you will need a vr headset (HDM or Homido) or vr lenses such as Google Cardboard.  This horror vr game can be played for free during the entire trial period (if you want to continue playing you can enter a promotion code, buy the app or register on the Fibrum platform).  This is one of the best vr games available for Android. Test your skills and get into this dark virtual reality experience!

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