Zombiestan VR

Zombiestan VR

Android VR, Shooters


B10 brings with it the most recent update of this action and strategy game, survive the hordes of the most impressive zombies, kill anyone who tries to end your life and accumulate points using weapons that will be unlocked every time you level up.

Immersed in 4 levels, each one will have a certain time where you must kill all the zombies you can, be astute and save your bullets. If your player drifts you should place your phone on a flat surface for about 20 seconds, sometimes the gyroscope can affect the gameplay. With its more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play platform, this game has undoubtedly been one of the best in terms of image quality, gameplay and augmented reality compatibility. As you go above the levels, you can access 3 weapons of different power, which will allow your survival for much longer.

You must keep in mind that zombies will become much stronger as you kill them, so sometimes a single bullet will not be enough to kill them. Discover the hidden easter eggs, they will give you life and extra bullets to continue fighting the terrible horde and killing all the zombies you find in your path.

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